The Last Airbender and Legends of Korra

 Korra Week 2014 ► Day 4: Home→ It doesn’t matter where you go. If you have your family with you, you’ll always be home.

Korra Week 2014 ► Day 4: Home
It doesn’t matter where you go. If you have your family with you, you’ll always be home.

Winter Guard


Pairing: Jinoochy
Rating: T
Prompt: Skoochy has noticed that Jinora isn’t having a very fabulous date, and he watches over her to make sure she’s okay.
Skoochy leaned against the ancient tree, watching a baby turtleduck waddle fatly after its mother. The wind was painfully bitter, and the snow landed deftly on Skoochy’s dark lashes. His tattered jacket had been covered by a new coat he had recently found. It kept his torso and most of his arms fairly warm, for which he was grateful. He had been standing by the tree for about an hour and a half, unmoving. He couldn’t get the sight of Jinora out of his mind. Skoochy had spotted her earlier with a group of other noisy teenagers. She had stood quietly, brown eyes flicking nervously back and forth between her company. The boy who had his arm slung around her shoulders, Kahn, had a smug grin widening across his face.

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Legend of Korra, “Surprise!”


Prompt: “Makorra in 5 years” -finnickisawesome

Rating: T

Pairing: Makorra and Bosami


“Korra! Be careful!”

Bolin could hear Mako’s command from the entrance of the apartment. His daughter perked up, her gold eyes flitting to the door instantly.

“Papa? Is that Uncle Mako and Aunty Korra?” The 2-year-old questioned, her words a jumbled yet indearing slur.

“Yep, Kiddo.” The 23-year-old man bounced Katara on his knee. His wife released an over-exasperated sigh.

“I guess I’ll get it then.” Asami whined, getting up from the couch slowly, as if it pained her to do so. Bolin rolled his eyes at the woman’s antics and snorted when she dragged her feet over to the entrance.

“I’m fine, Mako! Seriously!” Korra cried, throwing her hands into the air as Asami opened the door. She stomped into the apartment, not even saying hello to her friends as her fiance trailed after her.

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Magic Tricks



Excellent prompt! 


"This is the main dining hall, where the acolytes who live on the island eat. Tenzin’s family has a dining room, too, but there’s too many of us to all eat in there, so we’ll take meals in here. And that pretty much wraps up the tour," Korra looked at the three newest guests expectantly. "Any questions?"

"Yeah, was it really necessary to show us every bathroom on the island?" Bolin teased. Korra shoved him playfully and rolled her eyes. 

"Really, though, thanks for letting us stay, Korra," Mako said sincerely, and a flash of yellow caught his eye. He tried to get a better look, but couldn’t quite see what it was.

Korra followed his gaze and smiled wryly. “They’ve been following us the entire time. I’m amazed Ikki’s been able to keep quiet for so long.” She told them in a hushed voice, then called loudly, “Ikki, Jinora, we see you! Come out here and meet everyone.”

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Jinora breaks her grandfather’s record for being the youngest airbending master, receiving her tattoos at age eleven, whereas Aang received his when he was twelve. She is also the first female airbending master in 171 years.
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Mako’s Bed Hair: An Appreciation Post (-‿◦☀) 

A continuation of this


Man, Korra’s wheelchair bound and totally incapacitated…

If only there was like some…super talented healer person. Someone who could heal grievous injuries-

Mend damaged tissue-

Even bring someone back from the brink of death.

If only there was someone like that Korra could go to

If only


sorry :’<


sorry :’<


Avatar text posts


Amon’s finale wrap up wasn’t well received